First of all, if you are still thinking about the difference between a Sports Tour and a Training Camp, start by reading this article. Now, we can tell you everything that happened on the last Rugby Tour we organized in Portugal.

At the end of October we received the Nyon Rugby Club in Lisbon for an unforgettable Sports Tour!

After welcoming the team directly at the airport, where a private bus was waiting, we continued our trip and just a few hours later, we started the first training session with the Former Portuguese Player and coach Pedro Leal from Pedro Leal Academy.

The Nyon Rugby Club young players had the opportunity to improve their individual and collective skills over 3 days. In the last days, they tested their skills in a friendly match against the local team Direito Rugby.

This Sports Tour, as usual, also included two guided tours to different areas of Lisbon to see some of the main touristic hotspots, followed by a delicious dinner in a restaurant right in the historical city center.

In all trips during the week in Portugal, whenever necessary, the team had a private bus at their disposal for maximum security and convenience. After landing in Portugal, just enjoy the worry-free stay, all the logistics are on us!

For those involved in youth sports teams, you know how important it is to give young players the opportunity to learn about new cultures and different ways of playing and to get them out of their usual comfort zone, through an international sports experience. In addition, the team spirit, motivation and willingness to continue training and playing are greatly enhanced after a trip to another country. Thanks to Nyon Rugby Club for trusting us.

This is just a brief overview of what we can also organize for your team / club / school in our country – Portugal! Not only in Rugby, such as Football, Swimming, Gymnastics, Rowing, Tennis, Indoor Sports, Beach Sports, Track Cycling, Cycling, Judo, Athletics, Lacrosse, Field Hockey or any other sport.

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